in Sundborn Parish

Carl Larsson-gården

The home of the artists Carl and Karin Larsson.

Guided tours all year around

Between May and September guided tours of the house are available daily between 10.00 and 17.00.

Tours at other times may be available by advance booking.

For more information, visit website or call: +46 (0)23 60053.


Stora Hyttnäs Museum

Stora Hyttnäs Genuine historical setting

An authentic and untouched upper class home from around 1900, with a beautiful and interesting textile chamber. A time typical home, in bright contrast to the "modern" interiors of Carl Larsson-gården.

The scenic garden offers a moment of peace and serenity, so do take time to enjoy a picnic basket, which can be purchased at the museum, or bring your own.

For more information, visit website or call: +46(0)23 60001.


Carl Larsson's Portrait Collection

Carl Larssons porträttsamlingThe Portrait Collection shows of a number of portraits of famous villagers, painted by Carl Larsson. Many professions are represented in the pictures. The collection was given to the Sundborn Parish by Carl Larsson, and the portraits can now be seen in the Sundborn Parish Hall next to the Church.

For more information, visit website or call: +46 (0)23 60015.


Sundborn Church

Sundborns Kyrka The Church rises beautifully beside the shore of lake Toftan. There has been a church in Sundborn since the 17th century, but the present wooden church was built in 1755 and the pulpit is from the late 19th century. Carl Larsson redecorated the whole church in 1905. Prominent places are occupied by his Altar Angels, John the baptist, wall decorations in the shape of pine twigs and an abundance of flower garlands and other paintings.

There is a popular bathing place beyond the Church, and a beautiful path along the shore.

Here you can also find the Carl Larsson family grave.

Open daily 10.00-18.00.

For more information, visit the Sundborn Church website or call Parish Hall: +46 (0)23 60015.


Bondes Cottage

Sundborns Hembygdsförening (The Sundborn Heritage and Preservation Society) manages this cottage situated in the middle of what is called the Church Village of Sundborn.

The cottage was given its name after the family who occupied it since the 17th century. When Sofia Bonde died in 1935, she left it to her nephew Nils Sahlström and on his death in 1959 the cottage was donated to the Municipality of Sundborn. Since 1974 the cottage is used by Sundborns Hembygdsförening, and all inventories are cataloged by the Cultural Heritage in Falun.

The traditonal storage building opposite the main cottage is one of the oldest buildings in Sundborn and was built in the 17th century. The main house was built in 1750 and consisted of two rooms and one kitchen. In 1875, six layers of logs were added and the cottage was given a second floor.

The cottage is open for various events.

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Sundborn Hydroelectrical Power Plant

The Power Plant was built between 1900 and 1903 and is situated next to Carl Larson-gården. Carl Larsson has contributed to its design, and in spite of being a power plant, the building is quite beautiful. Falu Energi & Vatten AB keeps this attraction open for the public at random hours during the summer.

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Korså Bruk

Korså bruksmiljöThe historical Works in Korsån are available for visits all year round and lies approximately 24 km straight east of Sundborn, via Karlsbyheden and Finngärdets Fäbodar.

As early as in 1748 a water driven saw-mill was built in Korsån. The saw-mill was in use until as late as 1925, but only the remains of two floodgates exist today. Between 1840 and 1930 a Lancastershire forge and five water driven hammers, which still can be seen, were in operation.

The peaceful old churchyard west of Korsån beside the lake Lilla Logärden is well worth a visit. There is a jetty suitable for disabled or for those who would like to spend some time fishing. A fishing permit is needed, and can be purchased on site or in Korsån.

By the lake Hinsen in Korsån there is a public bathing place.

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