Experience the Swedish summer evening with dance in a country environment at Mannes loge.

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Address: Svärdsjö

Phone: +46 (0)246 10000


A tasteful journey through the world of beer

Do you want to experience something different? Let Lars and Lena guide you on a journey through the world of beer.

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Address: Kyrkvägen 15, 790 15 Sundborn

Phone: +46 (0)23 16612 or +46 (0)70 6061882.


Canoeing through Sundborn

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Falu Kanotklubb
Holmvägen 2
SE-791 47 FALUN


Phone: +46 (0)70 604 83 31 or +46 (0)73 2222654.

In the tourist information in Falun (phone: +46 (0)23 83050 you can buy a brochure over canoeing routes around Falun.


Bicycle rental

Sundborn Tandem and veteran bicycles rental:

Rent a tandem or a veteran bicycle a few hours from our central location in Sundborn for a most reasonable fee. Klas and Ludvig Frieberg, phone: +46 (0)73 8180481.


Cykel & Fjällspecialisten, Stora torget, Falun:

For those with the need for "slightly" more modern bicycles.

For more information, visit website or phone: +46 (0)23 63862.